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Remote Control Excellence

OpeNice Manufacture

OpeNice Manufacture

OpeNice Manufacture

OpeNice Manufacture

Made in the UK

OpeNice is the evolution of over 15 years of British manufacturing excellence from WM Shutters. Produced in the UK and working closely with our partner company Nice, who are world leaders in motor and control design. OpeNice is a garage door which solves all the shortfalls of current door roller designs on offer.

Every door is tailor made in our Shropshire manufacturing premises to suit your home, with every OpeNice Door carrying a unique serial number allowing life long traceability and manufacturers support, giving you piece of mind.

Quality Assured

Every OpeNice door undergoes rigorous quality checks during manufacture, ensuring that when the product is installed it is to exact specifications of ISO 9002 quality accreditation, with all components utilised being produced to strict specifications layed down for the OpeNice product. Openice is designed and built to conform to BS 13524.

Long Term Peace of Mind

OpeNice has a safe operation 10 year warranty on all mechanical door components, with a five year warranty on motor drives and controls.

OpeNice Extra Service
This is a support package with an extended service contract having a bi-annual door check up with all required works, including transmitter battery change and safety upgrades.

(A yearly service contract is required to Qualify for the Extra Service.)